Since 1938 Hansen Corporation has designed and manufactured a wide range of precision motors that are shipped to clients all over the world, from low-volume producer to the biggest names in the industries they serve. Hansen Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer offering a complete range of hysteresis, synchronous timing motors, step motors, PMAC motors, and DC servo motors/ encoders primarily to the OEM market. We will work with you to custom design the motor for your specific needs.


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Revcor Corp. Specializes in the production of axial (propeller) fan blades and centrifugal blower wheels of various sizes and designs. Revcor has more than 50 years in the production of these high quality products. Their fan blades are available in two, three, four and five blade designs, and in aluminum and galvanized material. Revcor’s blower wheels are available in single and double inlet styles, also in aluminum or galvanized material. These products are used in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration applications.


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